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Blog Carnivals for Good Backlinks

Mar 02 2010

Blog Carnivals for Good Backlinks

If you haven’t been a part of or hosted a blog carnival but are looking for good back links, you should consider becoming a member of and participating. Blog Carnival runs daily carnivals of articles from around the Internet on various topics. You can submit your own articles to the carnivals and gain important back links to your site. Each carnival operator has the discretion to only include the articles they see fit, so your article must be good and your description must be relevant to get mentioned.

I run two blog carnivals currently on a bi-weekly basis and receive between 15-20 articles each edition. I generally post all articles as the sites do not carry much page rank weight. But sites with high page ranks are that much more sought after and tend to be more selective for their carnivals.

Today the categories included family, wedding flowers, fashion, homeschooling, taxes, and evolution. The taxes blog carnival was posted on a blog with a page rank of five which gives you a direct PG5 link while the post remains on the front page. I like to sort the carnivals by categories and then by the date of the next carnival posting. This way my articles are submitted to relevant carnivals that will be appearing soon.

Best of luck with your link building and begin running a blog carnival to give back to the community.

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LinkMarket - The Link Exchnage Network

LinkMarket – The Link Exchnage Network

I was receiving many varied request to exchange links with webmasters on a number of different sites. I began to search for a network where I could do all my link exchanges without having to email individual site owners. came up in the search results from Google and I have been working with them since that time.

Using the ASP.Net Ajax Accordion

Feb 11 2010

Using the ASP.Net Ajax Accordion

It was suggested that we utilize the Ajax Accordion control in a recent project and although the software is easy to install finding decent documentation on a quick solution was not as simple. I did finally stumble upon a couple of examples and modified the code from them to come up with an easy way to implement an image based menu with the accordion style navigation.

The first thing to do is register the Ajax Control Kit in the page header.

<%@ Register Assembly="AjaxControlToolkit" Namespace="AjaxControlToolkit" TagPrefix="ajaxToolkit"%>

Place the Script Manage on the page itself or on the Master Page.Placing the Script Manager on the Master Page worked well in our case as multiple pages used Ajax .

    "ScriptManager1" runat="server">

The main body of code contains the Accordion definition, a Panes area, an Accordion Pane definition, a Header, a Content area, and closing tags. The unique thing that we did was to place an asp image object within the header group instead of text. Our content area also contained a user control but the links of the menu could have been created directly on the page just as well.

    "Accordion1" runat="server" FadeTransitions="True" 
    SelectedIndex="0" TransitionDuration="100"  HeaderCssClass="accordionHeader" 
    ContentCssClass="accordionContent" AutoSize="None" ToolTip="Something">
    "AccordionPane5" runat="server">
"server" AlternateText="Some Text" ImageUrl="~/Images/Menu1.png" />
... ... Links to Menu items. ...

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