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Site 404 Errors being Grabbed by MyBrowserBar

May 01 2010

Site 404 Errors being Grabbed by MyBrowserBar

It's only slightly annoying when you are working on a website page and the page comes up with a 404 error when you click on a link. Even worse is when Yahoo! Search grabs the 404 error and redirects you to a custom Yahoo! 404 page with advertisements and links to other sites. The issue is that I really want to see what the link is on my site that is not available. And furthermore, my site has its own custom 404 Error page  making the Yahoo! Search error page not required. I wish I could block this for all users that come to my sites but it appears to be an installed system based search setting that needs to be modified on each individuals computer.

The Keyword Academy Offers Tools & Training For Niche Selection

Apr 22 2010

Niche Refinery

The Keyword Academy Offers Tools & Training For Niche Selection

If you are a premium subscriber of The Keyword Academy, you get a number of tools including the PostRunner Guest Posting tool that I mentioned in an earlier post. Another nice tool available to subscribers is the Niche Refinery. The Niche Refinery along with the sites webinar materials offer the tools and training to select a niche that can make you money and draw in traffic.

Improving Computer Performance With Glary Utilities

Apr 01 2010

glary utilities

Improving Computer Performance With Glary Utilities

There are plenty of ways to make sure that your computer is running at its peak performance. Having software that improves the way your computer operates, can have a big impact on the speed of your operating system. For Windows users, Glary Utilities is a great and free tool that will help to keep your computer running at its best.

Glary Utilities works for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and is 100% free. It is rated as one of the top most downloaded System Utilities on

This great and simple to use application includes utilities to improve your system's performance and to protect your privacy. The interface is very simple and user friendly, with only requiring a couple of clicks to run scans. These scans will check files on your computer, unclutter them, free up disk space, fix broken shortcuts, and more.

The registry cleaner that comes with Glary Utilities is a great tool for anyone who is looking to improve their computer performance and wanting to fix registry problems. It allows you to scan, remove, and backup registry entries. You can also use "Track Eraser" which allows you to remove all of your online and Windows traces, although it only supports Internet Explorer. The Track Eraser is a great way to keep your privacy secure.

Glary Utilities includes a lot of other useful tools such as Registry Defrag, Uninstall Manager, Startup Manager, Memory Optimizer, File Shredder, File Encrypter, File Splitter & Joiner, Process Manager, and many more!

If you are interested in this freeware and would like to improve your computer's performance, please visit

Placing and Receiving Guests Posts

Placing and Receiving Guests Posts

Getting back links to your site is one of the most important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tasks, or so you may have heard. And a popular way to get quality back links is to guest post on blogs other than your own. You can find a blog that is more popular than yours, contact the owner of the blog in any number of ways, write some good quality content, and deliver the content with a number of links to the blog owner. Sometimes some negotiation is required to determine the content you will write for the site. And sometimes the blog owner will not be interested in placing guest posts on their site.

Two services are now available to assist bloggers in placing guest posts and in obtaining guest posts. Cathy Stucker operates the Blogger Linkup which is a daily email comprised of available guest posts and sites looking for guest posts. The service is fairly hands-off as you will need to contact the site owners listed and handle the normal guest posting details described above. Getting your information into the email newsletter can be accomplished through Cathy’s website. It’s nice to have a service that takes you one step closer to completing a guest post like this one.

If you are looking for a service that nearly completes the entire guest posting process for you, than The Keyword Academy’s Guest Posting System is what you are looking for. You will need to join the sites Pro membership group to use the service, but your first month costs only one dollar while subsequent months are close to thirty dollars. This service works with Wordpress blogs to collect guest posts, check them for several important qualities, distribute them, and approve them. You can be a site publishing guests posts by installing a plug-in or you can be a guest poster, by adding content to their custom interface. Take a look at their documentation for more details.

Either service, or both services are great to use just make sure you double-check the content before you publish it and produce good content if you are going to be a guest poster.

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Buzzom Offers Featured User Options

Mar 16 2010

Buzzom Offers Featured User Options

A favorite Twitter tool of my from Buzzom called TwitIn now offers Featured User options to increase your Twitter followers. Hundreds of users a day log into Buzzom to manage and grow their Twitter accounts. Why not be featured on one of their pages for a low costs. You can purchase a sidebar ad for your Twitter account and have new followers daily. Prices range from $10 to $100 depending on the number of impression you seek.

One of the popular features within TwitIn is the Grow feature. Which provides a list of Twitter accounts that are likely to follow you back when you follow them. Your interests and location are considered in addition to the accounts follow to following ratio. Last week I noticed at the top of the list, 2 ‘Featured Users’. This is when I discovered this great new way to grow your follow list. You can pay between $10 and $100 for the number of times you want to appear at the top of the list.

This second feature is great if you have an account that you do not want to auto-follow users but you want to grow your followers. Hopefully the Twitter accounts will not un-follow you when you do not follow them back. This requires some small testing, but there will be many users that do not flush you from their follow list. I purchased 2,500 impressions for $20 to see what kind of results I could secure. My long-term goal is to pay for the new followers through an increased SponsoredTweet payout and improve traffic to my websites simultaneously.

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Adding Site Feeds to Google Buzz

Adding Site Feeds to Google Buzz

One of the more popular features of Twitter is the ability through their API to post at intervals or when an RSS feed is updated a tweet to Twitter automatically. So blog owners don’t have to worry about tweeting their new blog entries cause it is done automatically from a service like

With Google Buzz being the latest micro blogging platform, everyone wants the same features as Twitter from Google. Of course Google doesn’t want some of the features that it deems to be problematic, but it does allow you to post your RSS feed automatically to your Buzz account whenever a new post is available. Just how do you get Buzz to connect to your site or sites?

There are a number of posts about adding a an XFN tag to the site or a rel=me tag when you link back to your site from Google. But all this seemed silly to me because the sites aren’t profiles of me, they are just blogs that I work on occasionally about topics that I enjoy. Then I discovered the simple way to connect a site.

Go to the Webmaster Tools portal within your Google account and add the site you want to connect to within Buzz. Verify the site by adding a file or a meta tag to the header of the home page. Then return to GMail, Click on Buzz, and Click on connected sites. The new sites will now be available for connection. Your latest post will appear within Buzz and new posts will automatically be posted.

Now if only I could figure out how to get more followers of my Google Buzz without a public interface.

Blog Carnivals for Good Backlinks

Mar 02 2010

Blog Carnivals for Good Backlinks

If you haven’t been a part of or hosted a blog carnival but are looking for good back links, you should consider becoming a member of and participating. Blog Carnival runs daily carnivals of articles from around the Internet on various topics. You can submit your own articles to the carnivals and gain important back links to your site. Each carnival operator has the discretion to only include the articles they see fit, so your article must be good and your description must be relevant to get mentioned.

I run two blog carnivals currently on a bi-weekly basis and receive between 15-20 articles each edition. I generally post all articles as the sites do not carry much page rank weight. But sites with high page ranks are that much more sought after and tend to be more selective for their carnivals.

Today the categories included family, wedding flowers, fashion, homeschooling, taxes, and evolution. The taxes blog carnival was posted on a blog with a page rank of five which gives you a direct PG5 link while the post remains on the front page. I like to sort the carnivals by categories and then by the date of the next carnival posting. This way my articles are submitted to relevant carnivals that will be appearing soon.

Best of luck with your link building and begin running a blog carnival to give back to the community.

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LinkMarket - The Link Exchnage Network

LinkMarket – The Link Exchnage Network

I was receiving many varied request to exchange links with webmasters on a number of different sites. I began to search for a network where I could do all my link exchanges without having to email individual site owners. came up in the search results from Google and I have been working with them since that time.

Using the ASP.Net Ajax Accordion

Feb 11 2010

Using the ASP.Net Ajax Accordion

It was suggested that we utilize the Ajax Accordion control in a recent project and although the software is easy to install finding decent documentation on a quick solution was not as simple. I did finally stumble upon a couple of examples and modified the code from them to come up with an easy way to implement an image based menu with the accordion style navigation.

The first thing to do is register the Ajax Control Kit in the page header.

<%@ Register Assembly="AjaxControlToolkit" Namespace="AjaxControlToolkit" TagPrefix="ajaxToolkit"%>

Place the Script Manage on the page itself or on the Master Page.Placing the Script Manager on the Master Page worked well in our case as multiple pages used Ajax .

    "ScriptManager1" runat="server">

The main body of code contains the Accordion definition, a Panes area, an Accordion Pane definition, a Header, a Content area, and closing tags. The unique thing that we did was to place an asp image object within the header group instead of text. Our content area also contained a user control but the links of the menu could have been created directly on the page just as well.

    "Accordion1" runat="server" FadeTransitions="True" 
    SelectedIndex="0" TransitionDuration="100"  HeaderCssClass="accordionHeader" 
    ContentCssClass="accordionContent" AutoSize="None" ToolTip="Something">
    "AccordionPane5" runat="server">
"server" AlternateText="Some Text" ImageUrl="~/Images/Menu1.png" />
... ... Links to Menu items. ...

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