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5 Secrets For Flawless On-Site SEO

On-site search engine optimization is as important if not more important than off-site SEO. As a matter of fact, you can’t do successful off-site SEO without first optimizing your website. This is what you should do first and is the foundation of your success with the search engines.

Management Tools to Maximize Sales Lead Conversion

CRM System

Sales are the 'bread and butter' of most businesses, and therefore managing sales leads is a vital task, however salespeople and sales managers often have limited time available for reviewing processes and the administrative tasks involved in lead tracking. Basic management of sales leads involves holding all the contact information that has been provided and any activity such as when attempts to contact them have been made. Good sales management tools, such as web-based CRM, can go much further and help you maximize the conversation of leads into actual sales.

Please Your Customers, EZINE And Google With These Article Writing Tips!

article marketing

If you write and submit articles to Ezine, you must know by now how hard it is to have your article approved if you are promoting a product or a service. As you might know, your article goes through a series of checks and reviews before it gets published. If you want to know how to get your article published, then read on.

Creating great articles is one of the keys to a successful online business. If the readers like your article, they will go to the resource box, then to your landing page, and eventually buy your goods or services.  But wait! Let’s back up a bit. How can you funnel a sale if you can’t even publish your article? You should do the following:

Is There More To a Sites Success Then a Conversion

Site Conversion

Whatever the goal is for your site, whether it’s getting a sale, making a commission or simply getting another subscribe these are all vital to the success of any site. If you want to make your site a success then you need to get your traffic to take the action that is important to your site. It’s a pretty simple concept but putting this into practice and getting the results you want is a little different.

Article Marketing – A Great SEO Strategy

Article Marketing

Articles have always been a big part of the world of search engine optimization. This means that whatever you do, you should never ignore them and if you decide to employ article marketing as your link building strategy, you should know a couple of things before you start. In case you don’t want to pay professionals to write the articles for you, you should write them yourself. This can be difficult especially when you have never done it before.

Outsourcing your Link-Building Efforts


Link building is perhaps the most important element when it comes to successfully marketing an online venture.  One can have the nicest website, the coolest domain name, an offline marketing campaign and a killer product, but without off-site links, your website is next to invisible.  Although there are a significant number of factors involved in how search engine rankings are decided, the basic idea is that the more links a website has to it (also known as backlinks), the higher up the rankings the site will appear for a phrase.  This is a gross simplification, but having more inbound links is always beneficial.

Dropbox: A Great Data Backup Alternative


A recent post on the Gmail blog discussed how to help prepare for a disaster with data on your local computer. The post recommended people backup their important data using Gmail and Google Docs as a measure to keep all important documents safe. However, these alternatives rely on cloud storage and Google services, which many people do not want to rely on in a bad situation. That is why Dropbox is a viable alternative.

Best PPC Advertising Companies to Monetize Your Blog

Google Adsense

Choosing the right pay-per-click advertising company for your web site can be an important part of the strategy to monetize your online publishing efforts. Google Adsense is by far the most popular and successful pay-per-click program for web publishers. However, Adsense is not perfect. Payment rates per click may vary and rules and regulations seem to favor the advertisers (and Google) rather than webmasters and bloggers. Overall, Adsense is one of the better choices, but there are some different options.

Avoiding Scams on Linked In and Other Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites

Where there are people, there are also con-artists seeking to separate people from their money. Scams and other cons have moved into the online social networking world like on Linked In, as well as other social media sites. While this list is not complete, it does cover many of the common areas of concern:

10 Tips for Creating a Pleasant (and Practical) Home Office

Home Office

Sure, working from home is great—no boss breathing down your neck, no need to put on a pair of ironed slacks, and no starving yourself until you get a chance to grab some chips from the snack machine in the hall. But, if you don’t put a little effort into creating a nice office for yourself at home, you could find yourself with a whole new set of complaints. Check out these tips to really maximize the freedom and enjoyment that can come from freelancing at home.

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