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Add Data to Google Cloud Through the Mail


Developers can add their data to the Google Cloud by mailing in hard drives and USB flash drives.

Offline Media Import/Export is the new service from Google that allows Cloud customers to mail physical storage devices to the company to be stored in the cloud. The service is thought to save companies time transmitting the data over an Internet line. Iron Mountain is running the program for Google in America and might expand into other countries as well. The fees are currently unknown and there does not appear to be an export option at this time.

Microsoft's Launch Of The Elastic Compute Cloud

English: Ray Ozzie on the PDC of Microsoft ann...

English: Ray Ozzie on the PDC of Microsoft announcing Windows Azure Español: Ray Ozzie en la PDC de Microsft anunciando Windows Azure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Microsoft's Launch Of The Elastic Compute Cloud

In the never-ending battle of tech superiority, Microsoft is pulling out its big guns in order to compete with Amazon's hugely popular EC2 service.  Known as the Elastic Compute Cloud, this infrastructure service cloud will be able to give a user access to virtual hosting and data storage, on computers running Windows as well as Linux.

This second attempt at a challenge to Amazon's super-service is no surprise.  The June 7th launch will be a means of edging into what should be a huge market as more individuals and corporations begin to store more and more data on cloud computing.  The existing Microsoft Azure cloud, however, has no Linux compatibility, a major limiting factor for those who prefer to run third-party programs. 

AWS Compared Google Compute Engine Cloud Services

Apr 10 2013
cloud computing

cloud computing (Photo credit: kei51)

AWS Compared Google Compute Engine Cloud Services

Both Amazon and Google have lowered what they charge for their Cloud services among many others. The thing is, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Compute Engine (GCE) have brought down their costs significantly in an all-out competition. Besides this, Google has gone a step further and increased the number of virtual servers it has, providing great choice. It has also made its service Euro-friendly.

Best Practices When Up Selling

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Image via CrunchBase

I am guessing we have all head the phrase “would you like fries with that”. This is upselling in its most basic form, but it works.  The idea of upselling has been practiced and perfected by many of the largest online retailers, from Amazon’s soft selling techniques through amazon prime to the many online stores that make it easy to reorder, increasing customer loyalty. Done right it can drastically increase your sites revenue and here are some tips to perfect it.

Best PPC Advertising Companies to Monetize Your Blog

Google Adsense

Choosing the right pay-per-click advertising company for your web site can be an important part of the strategy to monetize your online publishing efforts. Google Adsense is by far the most popular and successful pay-per-click program for web publishers. However, Adsense is not perfect. Payment rates per click may vary and rules and regulations seem to favor the advertisers (and Google) rather than webmasters and bloggers. Overall, Adsense is one of the better choices, but there are some different options.

What Is The Mechanical Turk?

Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is an online market that has tasks requesters can submit so that workers can get paid for them. The tasks can be anything from taking surveys, to writing articles, to proofreading, to verifying addresses and more.

Anybody who works on Mechanical Turk will have a difficult time making any sort of a living. Its almost impossible to earn even the lowest amount a normal employer would be required to give you, according to Panagiotis Ipeirotis, who is a business professor. Some workers who spend an excessive amount of time on the site may be able to earn up to 1k a month, according to some surveys. Most workers spend less than a day using the site, netting them less than $20/week.

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