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Add Data to Google Cloud Through the Mail

Aug 24 2015


Developers can add their data to the Google Cloud by mailing in hard drives and USB flash drives.

Offline Media Import/Export is the new service from Google that allows Cloud customers to mail physical storage devices to the company to be stored in the cloud. The service is thought to save companies time transmitting the data over an Internet line. Iron Mountain is running the program for Google in America and might expand into other countries as well. The fees are currently unknown and there does not appear to be an export option at this time.

Google’s main competitors in cloud storage, Amazon and Microsoft, also offer import/export services. Both are more developed and have been running for some time already. Amazon calls its service AWS Import/Export with fees of $80 per device and an additional $2.49 an hour for loading. Amazon allows you to export the data to hard drives. Azure Import/Export is the similar service to Google and Amazon.

How to Use AWS Import/Export Service from Amazon

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