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4 Small Businesses You Can Start with Little to No Money

Oct 11 2011

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You can start a number of small businesses with little or no money, but first you must decide upon what type of business is best for you. It must be something you have an interest in, have the resources to start financially and that you have experience in. If you have these basics covered, then you could be soon running a business in the area of your expertise.

Here are some great examples of businesses that cost almost nothing to start up and what each one requires from you to run productively, so think about which ones appeal to you.

Personal Clerical Secretary

Being a personal assistant or a clerical secretary for hire independently can be very lucrative, if you have good office skills. Individuals and small businesses have need of typing, proofreading, transcriptions, dictation or general computer work. Rather than hire someone through a temp agency, you can charge hourly from your home for these services. Only a computer, phone, printer and internet access are needed to begin work. Sites like oDesk make it easy to find work.

Home and Pet Service

Whenever someone goes out of town, they are always in need of house sitting or someone to watch over their pets. This type of work is easy and may have certain perks from the right customer. The house sitter maybe offered payment and a place to stay during the duration of their house sitting assignment. Pet sitting can include dog walking or other pet related services as well. You could be interacting with furry little critters that are always happy to see you instead of sitting in a cubicle all day.

Online Freelance Writer

The Internet is full of opportunities in freelance writing and blogging, both as an independent writer and as a ghostwriter. There are many types of content writing jobs available and all you really need to get started is a computer with online access. You are most likely to make money by seeking employment through more than one company as a writer, but it is a great way to be creative and earn yourself some money.

Carpet Cleaning Service

If you are skilled at housekeeping are handy at cleaning, then starting a carpet cleaning service is easy. You can rent your equipment from Home Depot or Lowe's to start, but will want to upgrade it once you have a few regular jobs. This type of service is perfect for office buildings, townhouse communities or even local motels. You can offer your services hourly and quickly gain clients by word of mouth.

Other ideas for businesses that can be started with very little capital include being a personal shopper, selling merchandise auctions online or working as a small business consultant.

Anyone can run their own business, if they are willing to work hard and be persistent about succeeding at it, but they must be willing to sacrifice a little more than just going to a regular job. They also must realize that they will have to do everything that a manager does, but will be working alone and sometimes even longer hours. Yet the rewards are great for those who want more job freedom, less time away from home daily and the flexibility to make their own hours.

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