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Oct 07 2011

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Quora is the name of a questions and answers website that was founded in the year 2009 and launched in 2010. This is akin to an online encyclopedia of questions and answers which is uniquely maintained and updated by all those who use it. There are newer questions and their answers created as well as edited by those reading them. It is a constant process of enrichment of the site that is carried out by those who are reading or using it in the end. There are various topics for the questions here and subsequently you can answer them too. If there is another who reads the answer and feel they can update or correct the same the suggestions will be brought to you by their comments.

It is indeed a unique process of enlightenment with different kinds of questions and the answers to them which is available here. It can be a perfect resource for general knowledge and research work related to various topics known to man. It was created by Adam D’ Angelo and Charlie Cheever. According to Angelo this was a significant aspect of the internet where people have questions in their minds pertaining to a wide range of topics; and there is nothing better than giving them all kinds of answers in one place. You have to have a real identity when registering with Quora; there is no place for fake and manufactured user ids. All identities will have to be real with actual names of the users. However there is an option to remain anonymous in the website even though this is not approved strongly.

Users of Quora can utilize their accounts with Facebook and Twitter too by linking them with their account with this site. There is an added feature by which you can upvote or downvote an answer that you come across. In case you do not agree with an answer you are allowed to suggest ways of editing the same to accuracy. Among general users of the websites there are several well known figures and personalities too who have been a part of this initiative by their participation as members. They include Marc Andreesen, Jimmy Wales and Steve Case among others.

There has been a large scale appreciation for Quora and a welcoming following among the people who are also registered users of this website. It has received accolades within the reviews of some of the best rated newspapers and magazines in the USA.  Several changes and modifications have been brought about in the operations of the website. For instance there are topics which are introduced to ensure better categorization of the questions and answers; it will also help you in your search for an answer easily. Simply look under a topic category and search for the relevant question. Secondly there has been an app developed for access of the website on iPhones.

This is almost alike to the normal computer version with some minor changes; it allows you to access your searches for questions and their answers even through your phones now.

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