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Making your Dream Of Freelancing a Viable Reality

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More and more Americans today dream of shedding their nine to five lifestyle for an exciting freelancing job. You may find yourself wondering how these people get so bold, how do they find the jobs or meet the deadlines? How do freelancers make it work? It can be terrifyingly uncertain to leave the security of a full time job and make the leap to freelance business without first knowing a thing or two about how to get started.

10 Tips for Creating a Pleasant (and Practical) Home Office

Home Office

Sure, working from home is great—no boss breathing down your neck, no need to put on a pair of ironed slacks, and no starving yourself until you get a chance to grab some chips from the snack machine in the hall. But, if you don’t put a little effort into creating a nice office for yourself at home, you could find yourself with a whole new set of complaints. Check out these tips to really maximize the freedom and enjoyment that can come from freelancing at home.

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