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Proposed Legislation Will Not Hamper Internet Marketing


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Proposed Legislation Will Not Hamper Internet Marketing

Many marketers have for a long time believed that the proposed legislation referred to as do not track legislation will kill internet marketing as it currently exists. However, this has been found to be an erroneous theory and the truth is that this legislation, as proposed, does not in any way kill internet marketing.

The legislation referred to as Do Not Track is basically geared towards anti-tracking. There has been a heated debate regarding the pros and cons about this particular law, especially in regards to internet marketing. According to supporters of the legislation, most of those who are professional marketers and other senior players in the tech world, the legislation will make advertising more relevant to consumers and more focused towards the message.

Using A PPC Company To Manage Your Internet Marketing Campaign

Using A PPC Company

In today's world of business, very few companies can survive without an online presence. Having a website increases your exposure, and it is also a great way to ensure you secure more sales. One of the most effective ways to draw visitors towards your website is through the use of PPC marketing. In order to ensure your campaign is effective, you should consider using one of the PPC companies available to manage campaigns online.

5+ Things You Need to Know Before You Hire an Internet Marketing Consultant

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Wordle Cloud of the Internet Marketing Blog - 08/15/08 (Photo credit: DavidErickson)

If you’re considering hiring an internet marketing consultant to help your business succeed in the potentially profitable but highly volatile online market, you need to know a few things first:

  1. The consultant isn’t a genie in a bottle
  2. You get what you pay for
  3. You’re in control
  4. Traffic isn’t everything
  5. Internet marketing isn’t evergreen

The Dark Underbelly of Online Marketing

online marketing

My jaw dropped. I didn’t know quite how to react to the longest consumer watchdog article I have ever seen – and, this, in the New York Times. The article – “A Bully Finds A Pulpit on the Web” – is a must read for anyone involved in online marketing and, more broadly, search engine optimization, for that matter. New York Times reporter, David Segal, takes the reader through the nightmarish business model and world of a dubious online marketer who works on the shady edge of the web and is the self-professed “Howard Stern of online commerce.” As a web professional, I read and cringed my way through all eight pages of this outlandish story with a mixed sense of awe and fearful disgust.

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