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Finding Good Video Content as Easy as Channel 9


Finding Good Video Content as Easy as Channel 9

I often go to the Central Ohio .Net Developers Group at a Microsoft Office here in Central Ohio. But when I am sometimes unable to go due to schedule I try to read the presenter's blog or find similar content online as to what I would have found at the meeting. is a great resource from Microsoft with video from Microsoft presenters and Microsoft employees on all topics Microsoft.

Subtext and


Subtext and

I was listening to DotNet Rocks show 261 Phil Haack on Subtext and Open Source about Subtext and Give the podcast a listen if you get the chance as it is worth the time in the car or on the train. Subtext is an open source CMS framework similar to DotNetNuke, Wordpress, Joomla, etc. The three frameworks just mentioned are the three that I have built sites with and is built with DotNetNuke using 95% of the default modules.

Clearing a text box in ASP.Net using Javascript

Clearing a text box in ASP.Net using Javascript

I was looking for a way to clear a textbox on focus in an ASP.Net application today and found some Microsoft examples using scripts in the Markup language and then referencing the script using the old onfocus="SomeFunction();". But then I found the best way that works easily and keeps the code in the code behind.

Testing a SQL Server Connection on a Remote Server

If you are establishing a web server or an application server and need to test the database connectivity from the new server back to the database server, writing a quick visual basic script that produces the feedback needed is an easy solution. Below is the code from a vbs file with the connection information left out. Just complete the connection information and run the script from the new remote server.

Inserting a Unique Identifier (GUID) into a SQL Field

If you have a database which contains GUIDs as a column of a table, then inserting the unique identifier into the needed column is not always straight forward. I found that converting the needed value into a unique identifier makes adding it to the database error free.

Sending eMails within a .Net Application

Sending eMails within a .Net application is fairly simple with the use of the System.Net.Mail namespace.

First, import the class:

Imports System.Net.Mail

Then create a function to provide for sending the emails within a public class:

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