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PLRPro is Still Private Label Rights

Maybe it seems like an obvious suggestion that a site and a program called is a private label rights program. But from their email advertisements and their website suggestions that their content is unique, making such a statement might upset the founders of the service. I jumped on board with an advertised 240 unique articles a month for a low $39.95 fee. Too good to be true? It sure is. After all, how can any company supply 240 completely unique articles for that low of a price. Especially when the length of the articles is 400 to 500 words each. There isn’t an outsourcing country with a population that will work for those low wages.

Making Sure Comments are Unique


Making Sure Comments are Unique

As a site owner, we all the importance of keeping the content on our sites unique so to not devalue our site's ranking in the search engines. There are a number of tools to check the uniqueness of content including CopyScape, Plagium, and CopyGator. I personally like to use Plagium for content that has not yet been published and CopyScape for content that is available online. But what if your comments aren't unique. Probably not as serious as the content itself but still not something desired. If someone posts the same comments on 10 different sites, do you want the same comment posted on your site? No, because it more than likely is relative nor does it add any value to your article. But how do you know if comments are unique?

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