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PLRPro is Still Private Label Rights

Maybe it seems like an obvious suggestion that a site and a program called is a private label rights program. But from their email advertisements and their website suggestions that their content is unique, making such a statement might upset the founders of the service. I jumped on board with an advertised 240 unique articles a month for a low $39.95 fee. Too good to be true? It sure is. After all, how can any company supply 240 completely unique articles for that low of a price. Especially when the length of the articles is 400 to 500 words each. There isn’t an outsourcing country with a population that will work for those low wages.

After I signed up and emailed the company about a lack of article packets being available, my May 2010 packages were available in their interface. I download the packets and began to analyze the articles using a premium CopyScape account. I also looked at a number of free online content comparison tools including and one from that runs on your desktop. CopyScape is the best by far, so pay the small premium subscription price to check for uniqueness of your purchased content.

The first thing I noticed was packets of articles that were 100% duplicates of articles already published online. I recall Poker being a topic that was a complete duplicate of already published material. I emailed the company again and a couple of days later, a network wide email was released about the work the company was doing to ensure the uniqueness of the content. Something about a 12 point system. They might need a couple more points added to their system.

There were some 12 articles among the 240 that did not appear to be published already online. With possibly another 40 that were similar to other articles online but not to a large (+35%) degree. Yet, publishing these online was something that could cause problems later when other members of the service publish their “unique” content which matches mine, and therefore I could not trust the content.

June was similar to May in that the packets did not appear until after a couple of emails to the company. This time I received 13 of the 25 packets around the 12th of the month. I began to check these new articles for uniqueness and found the same thing as before generally. I cancelled my membership. It appears that is the same as other PLR content sites and their content needs to be rewritten for uniqueness before you should publish it yourself. Refrain from purchasing a monthly plan and purchase individual PLR packets from a site like

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