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Microsoft Windows August Security Update

Microsoft have patched a critical weakness related to shortcut links.  The August 2010 Security Update addresses some major security issues in several Windows  programs. In addition to that, Internet Explorer 6 (for those still using it), gets patched for a critical issue.

Some Top Critical Updates are: 

*MS10-056: Four flaws in Microsoft Office are resolved, including one that allows remote code execution when a user previews or opens a rich text format email that has been specially crafted.

* Ms10-052: This resolves vulnerability in the MPEG Layer-3 audio codecs by Microsoft, that allows remote code execution, only if a particular file were opened or if a Windows user received streaming content from a web site.

* MS10-055: The update fills a hole in an aspect of Windows Media Player that would allow for remote code execution, only if a computer receives content specially crafted for streaming, or opens a special media file.

MS10-060: This fixes two problems that both allow for remote code execution, both in Microsoft Silverlight, and in Microsoft's .net framework.

The August Security bulletin lists various other important vulnerabilities which need to be addressed.

Microsoft is claiming that none of these have been exploited and none have resulted in major damage up to this point. In order to be on the safe side, it is important to update your operating system using Windows Update.  Alternately, download the security update at Microsoft's Download Center.

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