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Link Diagnosis Reloaded

link diagnosis

Link Diagnosis Reloaded

Link Diagnosis is the best online link finding/building tool that I have found, paid or free. And the tool was just recently upgraded to make it that much better. On the companies blog, they discuss all the advancements the tool has made with the new release. We can only hope that it is able to handle the increased load as sometimes you had to wait until the day to run a website report. And now the tool has such a more robust ability to find links, everyone will be using it.

There are some site design changes that you will notice including a new template, less flash, and a new footer displaying the other services offered by the company. (Some say don’t use Link Diagnosis as the parent company sells links and uses your data, just a word of caution.) One of the best new features is the increased number of result sets. The old tool used to find the first 100 pages that were indexed and create a report based upon those pages. Now the tool will get 1,000 indexed pages and begin to look for links across the Internet. My sites generally do not have 1,000 indexed pages so I get a complete report when I run a site.

There are also changes to allow multiple links from one site to yours to be listed. Previously the tool only provided the reporting of one link per inbound linking site. Users wanted more so Link Diagnosis improved the tool. Make sure to upgrade or install the Firefox extension as this is the powerhouse app that lies behind this advanced link finding tool.

The site also has added some sharing of reports between registered members to save everyone from running the same reports. And why not register? It’s free. You can save all your reports and keep a history of the backlinks your site has over time.

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