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Loyalty, Is It Gone or Just Harder to Earn?

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Loyalty is a funny sort of word. We are loyal to our friends and we are loyal to our partners and family. Sometimes we even feel a certain level of loyalty to a store or website that carries out favorite items and the best prices. Some stores offer loyalty reward points to get us to buy even more and save even more. Yet, on the whole, what does loyalty count for?

Perhaps you might consider your home/cell phone company, your credit card company, your bank or your mortgage company. How loyal do you feel toward them? How loyal do you think they are toward you? Are they quick to notify you of any special offers that are usually aimed at “brand new customers only” or do you have to call them and threaten to change to another company in order to get a deal from them?

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Three Creative Referral Strategies for Small Businesses

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In the past, businesses relied on referrals more than they relied on advertising. A certain local establishment can be a town landmark yet does not employ any kind of marketing campaign because it has excellent word-of-mouth. Presently, there are so many marketing strategies aside from referrals which any small business can employ. However, the power of referrals is still going strong, making it a must for local businesses.

Unless your customer is that happy with your services, you cannot expect them to refer you to their friends and family without you motivating them first. This is why most local businesses have a referral program wherein they reward customers for their referrals. The idea of giving out incentives will usually mean that a business has to spend money in order to make money. But if this strategy is carried out wisely, business owners need not worry about throwing cash into the drain.

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Making your Dream Of Freelancing a Viable Reality

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More and more Americans today dream of shedding their nine to five lifestyle for an exciting freelancing job. You may find yourself wondering how these people get so bold, how do they find the jobs or meet the deadlines? How do freelancers make it work? It can be terrifyingly uncertain to leave the security of a full time job and make the leap to freelance business without first knowing a thing or two about how to get started.

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Best Practices When Up Selling

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I am guessing we have all head the phrase “would you like fries with that”. This is upselling in its most basic form, but it works.  The idea of upselling has been practiced and perfected by many of the largest online retailers, from Amazon’s soft selling techniques through amazon prime to the many online stores that make it easy to reorder, increasing customer loyalty. Done right it can drastically increase your sites revenue and here are some tips to perfect it.

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Professional SEO Help For Successful Online Marketing

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There is a newfound avenue of business prospects through the medium of internet. Websites are designed to be the introduction as well as an online store for purchases among web browsers and visitors. This has proven its usefulness which has now led to a large scale presence of established names and companies to small and medium statured companies alike.

There is a need for SEO techniques to be implemented to ensure better performance of a website among the presence of stiff competition on the internet. The first strategy to reckon would be selecting keywords and phrases that aptly describes your website; a viable selection can be made with proper research and assessment of these with software application tools available. You can avail the services from professional companies that provide guidance for online marketing.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Ecommerce Product Pages

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Product pages of ecommerce websites may not be the first page visitors see, but they are the most important “call to action” pages, since it is here that the casual visitor is on the verge of conversion, is about to click on the ‘buy’ button and pay for it by entering his credit card number. It is because of this that website product pages gain significance and are critical for the success of the ecommerce business. In fact businesses spend a lot of money on their product pages for this reason, and may not always get returns in proportion to the expense incurred. A well-designed and aesthetically appealing product page is a big asset and hence it is beneficial to follow the basic principles of product page design.

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Four Ways to Improve Email Conversions

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With computing heading ever more mobile your marketing campaign needs to do the same. You must always bear in mind that your customers, or potential customers, may well be reading that fancy image rich email on a small smart phone, tablet device or laptop. Once you are aware of this there are two or three things you can do to make sure your campaign is prepared to take on all devices and bring in more conversions:

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5 Solutions to Help Maximize Your Online Sells

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If you run an online business, you have certainly wondered how to maximize your presence in cyberspace in order to get more sales. As the internet is still an evolving and developing entity, many people who start a business online are wondering the same thing. And while being a business owner online or offline can be a challenge, there are some simple things you can do now to maximize your current sales, as well as secure your future sales.

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Why PPC and SEO Work Better Together

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Image by hongxing128 via Flickr

The best online marketing campaigns use complimentary short- and long-term online marketing strategies together: PPC and SEO. It is reasonable to say this with almost no regard for a business’ size and type, if its goal is to increase online exposure, create a larger customer base, and ultimately establish healthier profits. Pay Per Click marketing is the easy-to-manipulate strategy that produces immediate results and measurable data, while Search Engine Optimization takes time to effectively develop and launch, as well as to begin to show any quantifiable results. So for companies preparing to invest in a more robust SEO and PPC management strategy, it makes sense to get one firm that can do both and will approach the two as synergistic, complimentary components of one campaign.

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Finding Pay Per Click Management Help the Old Fashioned Way

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The funny thing about pay per click management is that as a service centered on internet-based performance, you might think that using a powerful online search engine would be an effective way to generate a list of worthwhile PPC management firms. They operate on the web, after all; shouldn’t the web be how you find them? But because many excellent PPC management firms generate a lot of their business the old-fashioned way, through networking, personal connections, and references, they don’t always have the best search rankings. This makes firing up your browser and finding the right PPC company for your online marketing needs more difficult.

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