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5 Good Strategies to Keep Your Affiliate Marketing Blog Hot

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Niche Affiliate Marketing System (NAMS) Workshop 3 (Photo credit: rogercarr)

Promoting affiliate product on your blog and earning good amount of money from it is not easy. It is easier to just place an AdSense code to your blog and start earning per click. However, you can maximize your chance to earn good amount of money from affiliate marketing through your blog, as long as you can keep your marketing hot on your blog. Here are 5 good strategies to keep your blog affiliate marketing hot:

1. Become personally affiliated with your affiliate product

Blog is your personal platform, where you share your personal experience with others. It is different from regular website, which is usually share general (non-personal) information to the public. That’s why you will see your posts according to your date of posting, just similar with a diary or journal. You can enter any niche and start a blog in that niche, but unless you share personal experience with your readers regarding your niche, you won’t be able to succeed in marketing your affiliate product through your blog.

If you are blogging about weight loss, be sure to share your personal experience about how you were able to lose your weight and maintain your weight in its ideal state. If you are giving general information, it is better for you to build a website instead of a blog. Similarly, when it comes to promoting your affiliate product through your blog, it is better for you to promote it personally.

You will tell your readers about your experience in using the product and how the product has helped you to succeed. This is the reason why you are giving them advice to use the product – because you’ve tried it for yourself. Your readers will become more enthusiastic when reading your blog post about the product, and it will naturally impact their desire to buy the product.

2. Give weekly post update about the product that you promote

Because you are personally promoting the product (you are recommending the product based on your personal success with it), it will be helpful for your readers if you inform them about any updates about the product regularly. For a good product, there will be ongoing improvements in order to make the product better. This is true especially if you are promoting a subscription-based product, such as web hosting or similar services. If you can post at least one update every week about the service you are promoting, it will push your readers softly toward the ‘buy now’ button.

3. Promote one main product, and promote it responsibly

For a successful affiliate promotion in your blog, the rule of thumb for you is to focus on promoting one main product, and promote it responsibly. It means that you understand fully that you are personally recommending the product to your readers. Therefore, you are staking your reputation by promoting that product. If you promote bad product, your reputation will go down. So, make sure that you promote only the best product in your niche, not just product that gives you the biggest commission. Note: Do not change the main product that you promote. Be consistent with your promotion. Do not promote this product today and ditch it tomorrow.

4. Promoting multiple products is okay as long as you know the quality of the products

The key to monetize your blog through your affiliate link is to integrate your marketing into one big product promotion that will help your readers to succeed as much as possible, in any niche. Your goal is to promote one product (with your own personal experience) and other products that you think will complement the main product. The other products that you promote must be closely related with your main product and their quality should be excellent. So, if you are promoting a ‘how to guide to lose weight without pills or exercises’, do not promote weight loss pills or weight loss exercise tips in the same blog. Your promotion will be in conflict of each other. Instead, you can choose to promote a guide that talks about ‘how to set up the right mindset before trying to lose weight’ or a guide about ‘perfect diet’ that will help your readers to lose weight without consuming drugs or doing any exercise.

5. Give some posts once-in-a-while, giving tips about how to use your affiliate product better

This strategy is useful if you are promoting any tool or software that will enhance your reader’s life. For example, if you are promoting SEO software, it will be better for you to give some tips sometimes about how to use this software better in order to boost website rank as quickly as possible. It will be also useful to be used if you are promoting fitness equipment, for example. You can give tips and tricks about a good movements or exercises that your readers can do with that fitness equipment. It will help your readers to know more about the benefit of the product that you’re promoting and give them some boost in interest to buy your affiliate product.

Those strategies will help you to keep your affiliate marketing hot on your blog. It means that people will enjoy your blog while being aware that you are promoting affiliate products. They will know that you are really passionate and have genuine interest toward the product that you promote. As a result, more and more people will follow your recommendation. They will buy your product through your affiliate link simply because they trust you and are affected by your passion. This will be your ultimate goal.

This article has been written by Kevin Pritchard who is a contributor to clickdiscounts where you can get some useful Discount Codes to help you make some interesting savings.

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