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What Is Going On With Google+


Google admitted that when it comes to competing with Facebook, it simple cannot.

In matter of fact, Google's vice president, Brad Horowitz, said that those who want to chat with others on Google products will not need to have an account on Google+. All they will need is a Gmail account.

Google's social networking site was started a few years and it was hoping to be Facebook's competition, but Facebook has more than 1 billion users around the world. As for Google, they had around 300 million, and there have been some reports that have wondered how active Google users were.

Use Twiends to Grow your Social Network

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

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It has been proven that social networks are a successful medium for professional as well as for recreational use. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are increasingly becoming more popular over the past few years and seem to be influencing our way of communication with the addition of nouns like “tweet” and allowing us to use the word friend as a verb besides using it as a noun.
But it is not easy to build a social network. It is not like logging on, typing a short message about some breakfast cereal and then getting instant micro blogging success. It requires lot of hard work and patience in order to build a good social network.

Traffic VooDoo, a Terrific Way to Make Money Online

Traffic VooDoo, a Terrific Way to Make Money Online

Have you ever wondered how some websites suddenly achieve huge success? Rumors go back and forth trying to find the magic behind it and yes, you can now become an expert traffic magician using an incredibly effective system. Far from being an occult science, Traffic VooDoo is a kick-ass proven system that anyone who is willing to drive free traffic can implement with easiness and, best of all, avoiding Google penalties, the most feared setback in a webmaster's road to success.

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