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What Is Going On With Google+

Jul 28 2015


Google admitted that when it comes to competing with Facebook, it simple cannot.

In matter of fact, Google's vice president, Brad Horowitz, said that those who want to chat with others on Google products will not need to have an account on Google+. All they will need is a Gmail account.

Google's social networking site was started a few years and it was hoping to be Facebook's competition, but Facebook has more than 1 billion users around the world. As for Google, they had around 300 million, and there have been some reports that have wondered how active Google users were.

Horowitz said that Google+ will focus more on connecting people around specific interests.
As for Facebook, their earnings report has looked good, and a survey that was done by the American Customer Satisfaction Index found that the social network's ranking jumped to 75 from 67, which is great considering that the scale topped out at 100. In matter of fact, that is a good sized increase.

Other sites such as Twitter, Linkedln and Tumbler didn't score as high as Facebook, and it's worth pointing out that Instagram has also ranked above average.

As for the social networking site's quarterly revenue, some analysts expect revenue to do a first, which is go above $4 billion, which would be extremely impressive, but not that surprising, as Facebook is the top social networking site around.


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