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Use Twiends to Grow your Social Network

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It has been proven that social networks are a successful medium for professional as well as for recreational use. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are increasingly becoming more popular over the past few years and seem to be influencing our way of communication with the addition of nouns like “tweet” and allowing us to use the word friend as a verb besides using it as a noun.
But it is not easy to build a social network. It is not like logging on, typing a short message about some breakfast cereal and then getting instant micro blogging success. It requires lot of hard work and patience in order to build a good social network.

Anik Singal Has Released a New Traffic Video

Anik Singal

Anik Singal Has Released a New Traffic Video

Anik Singal has six tips on how to get free traffic to your blog or site. Overall he emphasizes hustle as the main means to accomplish what you want online as far as making money. His tips are affiliate, forums, blog commenting, article marketing, buying ads, and social media (Facebook and Twitter).

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