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Anik Singal Has Released a New Traffic Video

Sep 23 2010

He is asked about getting traffic all the time according to this latest video release. And although there is no secret, some people fail to do what is required to get the traffic to their site that they desire. He does fail to mention the number one thing that many bloggers mention to draw in traffic to their sites, and that is writing good content. This would be my number 7 addition to his list.

He feels that creating an online business is a slow process that snowballs over time and not some overnight success story. One overriding focal point of the video is to build your email list. All the techniques discussed have traffic going to a funnel or sales page that captures their information, building your list.

When he talks about affiliate, he is referring to cross selling with other affiliate marketers. You promote their program(s) to your list and in exchange they promote your offer to their list. In this way both lists grow and more sales are made. Forum commenting, Blog commenting, and Article marketing are fairly self explanatory. Although he seems to really favor article marketing as the articles that you publish are distributed on a wider basis the longer they are available online.

He mentions a service that I have not heard of before at where you can test your affiliate offer to lists without involving another affiliate. In this way, you know that your sales copy converts before you involve another affiliate. Seems like a good plan as you can also build your list in this way.

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