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Setup A Shopify Store - It Is Easier Than You Think!

Setup A Shopify Store - It Is Easier Than You Think!

Mar 19 2021


People often think that setting up on online store is difficult. In some cases, this may be true -- but using Shopify makes it easy. It is a lot simpler than you might think to setup a Shopify store.

Free Shopify Trial

To get started, you can sign up for a free 14-day Shopify trial, which should provide you with plenty of time to create your online store and get it ready for launch. Of course, you will be able to continue adding to your store offerings at any time after it is launched. One thing you will not be able to change is your store name, so give some thought to this before signing up. The store name you choose will become part of your store's URL on Shopify. However, you could also choose to eventually buy your own custom domain name, and then simply point your domain name to your Shopify site.

Creating a Shopify Account

Creating your Shopify account is easy, as it is just a matter of answering some simple questions about yourself and your future online store. You will, of course, want to have your business idea and name figured out first. You will eventually want a logo for your store, and of course you need the products that you plan to sell. These could be your own products, or you may choose to sell the products of others. Good photos of your products are also important, as online customers need photos to decide which products they want to buy.

Add Products

Adding your products is easy, as it is simply a matter of adding a product, giving it a title and description, and uploading photos. Good titles and descriptions are important to help your customers locate and decide to buy your products. Be sure to include sizes, details about the product's features, and any other relevant information. Details about your shipping, return policy and other important points should be included.

You will need to give some thought to how you will price your products. You of course want to make a profit. However, setting your prices too high may cause potential customers to buy from another seller. If you are selling your own products, you will need to keep track of inventory. You will also want to give careful thought as to your shipping methods and prices.

In addition to your product pages, creating other store pages will help make your Shopify store more successful. Pages that provide important information such as contact information, FAQs, policies and details about your store will help tell your story and encourage people to buy.

Testing and Promotion

It is a good idea to do some testing before you advertise your store to others. Buying a small product from your store is a good way to make sure everything is working properly. Once you are ready to launch, you can promote your store via social media, paid ads, and other methods in order to help your customers find and buy your products.

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