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Levels of Shopify Partnerships

Levels of Shopify Partnerships

Feb 26 2021

Not everybody is content to see Amazon rule the E-commerce world. One of those who is doing something about it is Toronto-based Shopify. This company has been in the business of providing turnkey E-commerce payment solutions to people for many years.


Shopify eCommerce Solutions

It is perhaps easiest to think of Shopify as an online cash register for your business. You create your store, stock it with the products you want, and charge what you believe to be a fair price. Customers browse your merchandise and select what they want to purchase.

But what happens then? How does someone on the other side of the planet pay you? Building your own custom payment system isn't practical for most people. They need some kind of ready-to-go solution that is widely recognized and has some element of trust attached to its name. That is where Shopify comes in. They can handle all of this part of the business for you at a very affordable monthly price.

Still, Shopify needs to be set up to meet your own individual requirements. A lot of people sell things in multiple venues quite apart from their own website, and this means that their payment solution needs to be compatible with portals such as eBay and Amazon as well.

This spells opportunity for those who are already expert at running Shopify to meet their own E-commerce needs and are willing to share that expertise with those who are just getting started with Shopify or even merely thinking about it.

Shopify Plus Partners

Shopify Plus Partners earn payments in the form of both royalties and commissions in return for getting other people signed up and operational with Shopify. This not only provides additional revenue for the Partner but it also opens the door for moving deeper into the consulting and development field.

Shopify Expert Partner

Becoming an Expert in the Shopify Partnership world means that you have the tools and opportunity to develop Shopify apps and themes of your own, which can then be made available to other Shopify users. Needless to say, this gives you a huge inside track when it comes to designing web commerce sites from the ground up in comparison to those who cannot offer such an end-to-end solution.

Nor is this just something that anybody can claim. Shopify is actually quite picky about who they will permit to be called a Shopify Plus Partner or Expert. Not only is it necessary to apply to the company for certification, but one also needs to have a successful track record of E-commerce expertise on one's own site before being considered at all.

In this regard, they only want people who know what they are talking about from real world experience and not just from some theoretical idea they have gained from building websites for other people.

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