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Ungagged Los Angeles Digital Marketing Convention

Ungagged Los Angeles Digital Marketing Convention

Nov 08 2019


The Ungagged Los Angeles conference begins this week, providing talks and master classes in search engine optimization and digital marketing. There will be a variety of excellent speakers providing insights into online marketing, link building strategies, analytics and more.

Ungagged LA Conference Speakers

Once of the most exciting speakers to be presenting at this year's Online Los Angeles is Andrew Shotland. He edits the excellent blog Local SEO Ranking Factors. He was a pioneer of NBC's Internet group and started a local search engine that was acquired by City Search. He will be talking about reverse engineering Google's local search analytics and explaining what it takes to master local business rankings. He will also explain how to set up in house local marketing systems. He also is an expert on explaining how gig economy unicorns are exploiting loopholes to optimize search rankings without a physical location.

Another very exciting speaker to be presenting at Ungagged Los Angeles is Andrew Stone, a Key Account manager at Buffalo Partners at Online Casino Affiliate Programs. He will be talking about risk and fraud management, retention marketing and more.

Ungagged LA Location

The conference will be located at Convene South Grand Avenue in the center of downtown Los Angeles. You can book hotel space at Omni Hotel just across the street.


Event highlights include a forum on The Future of Search on Thursday at 10:15 AM followed by an important talk on Hacks & Tricks to Make your Site Faster than Ever. The first day ends with Opening night networking and drinks, where you will be able to run elbows with the movers and shakers of the SEO and Digital marketing world.

Ungagged LA Christi Olson

Another speaker you will not want to miss at Ungagged Los Angeles is Christi Olson, the Head of Evangelism at Microsoft. She has led digital marketing teams at Bing, Expedia, Harry and David and more, and will be take a deep dive on the topic of Paid Search. She has a different perspective coming from Bing and being a publisher that you may not be able to get from an in-house marketing experience. She understands what search engines are looking for; timely, useful, relevant information that people can trust. This is a must attend talk for anyone who is trying to stay ahead of what search engines are looking for. She can also talk about the mistakes that small businesses make in creating their strategy and buying keyword searches, rather than using their budget more efficiently to promote their website.

Master Classes

In addition to attending these timely talks, you also can go back to school with Ungagged Los Angeles master classes. There are a huge range of subjects to choose from to provide you with great information as well as a chance to meet and speak with industry leaders. Master classes are a great value for their money and you are sure to walk away with mind expanding ideas that will blow up your digital marketing business.

Get down to Los Angeles this week for this must go event to propel your business into a bright and successful future.

Pamela Lund Gets UnGagged in Los Angeles!

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