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All About Wordpress VIP By Automatic

Dec 31 2013

Automattic VIP Training

Automatic VIP Training (Photo credit: borkazoid)

Wordpress VIP, a premium wordpress service specifically intended for corporate ventures contains all wordpress features and other additional products and services. Wordpress VIP users enjoy an enhanced content management and monitoring system, security monitoring of the website and offer free training to developers.

Wordpress VIP has two hosting options to choose from; cloud hosting costs $3,750 a month for a maximum of five websites and self hosting costs $15,000 annually.

User review

David Rousseau, Wordpress VIP user since May 2013, is the Vice President of health policy media and technology at Kaiser Family Foundation. Almost all of David's staff are able to log on to their website and manage its pages. David notes that it was easy to train his staff on the basics of Wordpress VIP compared to other content management systems. Since he started using this service, David hasn't encountered any hosting problems. However, if he encounters any problem with the hosting platform he can use its ticketing system to find a solution.

Service to business

Kaiser Family Foundation website is vital to the organization as it is the center for healthcare system information. Having had various websites with different servers, Wordpress VIP came to the rescue by merging all their sites into one.

Benefits of Wordpress VIP

Wordpress VIP stands out from its competitors by offering unmatched benefits to its users. Cloud hosting integrates your current infrastructure with your new one without any hiccups. In comparison to other content management systems, it is more reliable and cheaper. It is always up to date as you work directly with the latest version of wordpress with the latest features.

Recommended changes

It is necessary for review and approval of changes made in the code, but the time taken for this process can sometimes be too long. David recommends simple fix from trusted development partners pushed live immediately they are made.

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