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Sponsored Tweets : Making Money on Twitter

Dec 19 2012

English: A pie chart created in Excel 2007 sho...

English: A pie chart created in Excel 2007 showing the content of tweets on Twitter, based on the data gathered by Pear Analytics in 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sponsored Tweets : Making Money on Twitter

Paid tweets are not a new concept. The issue of spam posts and spam users in our followers list and twitter feed is not uncommon, but the attempts are painfully apparent and easily dismissed. Ted Murphy, owner of IZEA, has begun a new venture at IZEA called SponsoredTweets. The founder has a good stream of celebrities, conventional as well as online to back his sponsored tweeting venture.

The concept is straightforward. Businesses pay twitter users to tweet about their products in a favorable way. It is no secret that Sponsored Tweets are paid content, but they are presented in a consistent and organized manner. Sponsored tweets also try to show transparency through discourse engine required for sponsored tweet posts.

Celebrity bloggers are making big bucks through Sponsored Tweets through their twitter account. Various factors are taken into account by Sponsored Tweets for determining the rate of compensation per tweet. However, the frequency of posting and the number of followers are the primary factors that determine the compensation rate.

A debate has aroused whether the use of twitter for sponsored tweets is right or wrong. The arguments in favor as well as against the subject provide good and convincing points. I prefer to keep advertising and social networking separate, and usually delete Facebook friends after receiving a sales pitch. However, I am unsure about how to react with the same kind of things with twitter because a 140-character post is much easier to ignore compared to a detailed message sent via emails. Still, I am not very comfortable with paid tweets on twitter in the first instance. The popularity of Sponsored Tweets on twitter largely depends on my tolerance level with paid tweeting.

What are your views on Sponsored Tweets? Are you already working as an internet worker in the paid content market, and will you consider this new concept of money making? Share your thoughts about paid tweeting, if it is affecting your twitter usage.

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