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PHP Advance Sitemap For WordPress Blog

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English: The logo of the blogging software WordPress. Deutsch: WordPress Logo 中文: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A PHP advance sitemap is very useful for increasing traffic to your site, and improving search engine rankings of a WordPress blog. You can enable your visitors to navigate your site easily, by making an efficient sitemap of your blog posts. However, keep in mind that we are not talking about a "Google Sitemap" here.

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Magento - Building the Ecommerce

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Magento is the revolutionary web development platform that has changed and enhanced ecommerce development. Magento provides a modular architecture and highly flexible platform that allows PHP developers to control the functionalities and features of the E-store. The solutions developed over Magento provide a very effective platform for online merchants. They can display and market their goods in a much effective manner now.

PHP Image Sitemap and Wordpress RSS Feed Advance

PHP Image Sitemap and Wordpress RSS Feed Advance

I discovered two very nice additions to any Wordpress site this week, a PHP Image Sitemap and a plugin called Advance Excerpt. The PHP Image Sitemap was developed by Eric Nagel who hosts the Pod Cast ‘Two Sides of the Track’ on The code is presented on this page, and following the instructions is easy and quickly accomplished. By creating a file in the root of any Wordpress website, pasting the code into the file, and submitting the file location to Google, you can have your images indexed by Google.

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