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Magento - Building the Ecommerce

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Magento is the revolutionary web development platform that has changed and enhanced ecommerce development. Magento provides a modular architecture and highly flexible platform that allows PHP developers to control the functionalities and features of the E-store. The solutions developed over Magento provide a very effective platform for online merchants. They can display and market their goods in a much effective manner now.

Further, the platform is highly developer friendly and makes the whole web development process much simpler and effective. With proper skills and experience, the software development company can create unique solutions for their clients that are built specifically around their specific business requirements.

Some of the top features of Magento that make it so effective for ecommerce development are:

Mobile compatible stores: Shopping over mobile devices is the current trend in the ecommerce industry. With more and more smart-phones and better mobile devices being launched on a regular basis the users now like to surf the internet over their handsets. Naturally, they would like to buy stuff over the internet right from their mobile devices. Magento allows PHP developers to create highly mobile compatible ecommerce solutions that can increase the user-base by many folds.

Enhanced order reporting: The enhanced order reporting system offered by Magento is helpful for customers and allows them to keep track of their previous shopping records. Customers can refer to these records and make their future purchases more conveniently. Once the user is logged into the system, he can access his personal orders.

SEO friendly sites: Ecommerce websites need to be very popular and require high rankings for desired keywords in order to make proper revenues. Magento come with many inbuilt and third party components that can be used to create an SEO friendly website. Experienced and talented PHP developers can easily integrate these features into a website and provide a website that can attract traffic.

Online support: Being an open source technology, Magento has a very huge following in the web development industry. It is supported by a very dedicated online community consisting of highly experienced web developers who make sure that help is available for anyone having problems while using Magento. Further, proper documentation is available for Magento to ensure that developers have all the help near them when they need it.

Magento is the most widely used ecommerce development platform and is a favorite among developers as well as web development companies. However, clients should be careful while choosing the web development company for their requirements as a lot depends on the service provider that you hire for your project. Make sure that you have conducted enough research and investigation before finalizing the service provider.

About Author : Amy Patrix is a software developer cum blogger at Xicom Technologies which is a prominent Offshore software development company offers Top-Notch IT Outsourcing Services and Mobile apps development services to large multinational organizations and Enterprises spread all over the globe.

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