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Ways to Promote Your Infographic Online


Infographics have become a popular way to demonstrate a point visually and get links back to your site at the same time. You can take a long post and simplify the message into a visual presentation that readers will enjoy and want to share. Here are some great ways to make sure you get lots of traffic from your infographic creation.

Add the infographic to your site: If you have created an infographic, make sure to first post on your own site.

Provide an embed code so others can easily place the infographic on their sites. Also have Social Sharing buttons on the page so it is easy to share your work on social networks.

Promote your Infographic in your own social accounts and Facebook properties.

Ask other bloggers to embed your Infographic on their sites. Or find broken links on popular blogs and ask site owners to link to your page instead.

Guest post on other blogs while presenting your Infographic to the new audience.

Add your work to Infographic directories or post to Pinterest.

Place your Infographic on SlideShare and make a video of your post for Youtube.


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