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Websites vs. Facebook Pages (Infographic)

Feb 08 2012

When you're getting setup in business for years we've assumed that any business, no matter what size, needs a website. The underlining principle in that thinking is actually that every business needs 'a home on the web'. These days that home doesn't necessarily have to be a website in the traditional sense. Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, Google + pages, Flickr, YouTube - the list goes on - all these places give your brand (whether that's a business or some other entity) a home and perhaps more importantly, a voice, on the web.

This easy to follow infographic takes you through a step by step process to help you decide whether you actually need a site, or whether one of these other homes will suffice.


If you decide you do need a website you can create a free website with Basekit, who produced this infographic.

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