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Privacy Control Setting for LinkedIn You Need to Understand

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Setting your LinkedIn privacy controls when you use LinkedIn for networking and marketing is quite important. It is common for social members to skip the privacy settings as they begin to establish their online social presence especially when they are promoting a business through LinkedIn. But there are things that you do not want everyone to see as you make updates to your LinkedIn profile.

Generally only 20% of users update their privacy settings on a social network. So by setting your properly for your new or existing account, your are clearly in the minority of users. Start by clicking on Settings in the menu of LinkedIn under your name in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen. Since options change frequently on Facebook and LinkedIn, updating your settings or checking for changes on a regular basis is important.

Be careful when posting status updates as these are publicly available and sometimes reposted to other sites or networks. Posting travel plans or locations can invite predators or thieves to follow you or invade your property when you are not there.

Make sure that when you log into LinkedIn, the web browser is using a secure https connection. This same security is used when you update your privacy settings as we are discussing here. When on the main settings page, update your email address here if it has changed and also add secondary email addresses as appropriate. You can also change your password on this screen, which is important on a regular basis.

Activity Broadcasts can be turned off for additional privacy so that profile changes are not shown to everyone in your network. Modify who can see your activity feed so that only your connections have the visibility you wish. And then select what profile information you want others to be able to view. Select who should see your other connections, and update your photo and who can see your photo. Your Twitter integration can also be modified here you want activity updates to be broadcasted to Twitter.

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