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5 Ways To Re-Present Your Original Blog Content

May 24 2016


Blog posts are usually the most popular method of publishing original content on our platforms. But what are the best ways to use those written words to create a different piece of content?

Try these 5 ideas to repurpose your blog content:

1. Record yourself or someone else reading out the blog content word for word and create an audio file.

Publish and make the audio available as a podcast, bonus for subscribers or free content for subscriber list building.

2. Repackage the Content as an Infographic

Visually represent the most important points and concepts from your blog.

Publish as a bonus for subscribers or free content for subscriber list building. Or share as an image on social media with a link back to your blog post or some other destination.

In an era where many people prefer to digest information and ideas visually and quickly, infographics can be the perfect bite-size option. As well as the greater likelihood of them being shared, they are great bait for those persons who still like to read in-depth content.

3 - Present as a Slideshare

Extract the main written and visual points from the post and publish them on If your original content is high quality, this should be a relatively quick process.

4 - Present a Live Stream of Your Content

Choose the most important pieces of content to interact live with your audience on Periscope, Blab,Live, Facebook or some other popular platform.

5 - Use Direct Quotes on Social Media

Choose a handful of enticing quotable phrases, create a graphic and share on social media platforms - including a direct link to your original content

Reuse, renew, recycle your WordPress website content

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