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Your Local Business Home Page - Do Visitors Understand What Your Business is All About?

If you’re a local business owner who has a website already created for your business, it’s important for the website to be laid out appropriately so it gets a person’s attention and makes them want to continue reading the content on the website. This includes making sure you have the relevant information on your main page that people are expecting to find when first visiting your local business website.

Does your homepage clearly provide information about who you are and what you do?

People expect to find exactly what it is they were searching for in the first place when they arrive on your homepage. They don’t want to find irrelevant info that wasn’t within their search request. Point being, people need to know exactly what your local business website is all about within only a few second upon arriving and reading. What’s even more important is each person visiting the site should know what services and products your business provides without having to dig for the information.

Facebook: Does it Really Help a Local Business?

People see or hear advertisements for deals and sales on television, billboards, posters, radio, among so many other advertising techniques. This is typical. But now, many are turning to Facebook and social media for advertising their local business, as well.

Why is it that using social media is suppose to be valuable to a local business marketing campaign? Some people say these networking sites won’t help gain leads or customers, so why bother?

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