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Using Link Building/Relationship Management Software Pros/Cons

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If you have spent any amount of time in the link building world, you will note that it takes some serious time to really rally up and start gaining some momentum in the search engines and start to see things pick in terms of where you are ranking in the SERPs.

This is especially true with very competitive keyword phrases. Jumping from page three to page two, and from page two to page one can be very tough in a competitive niche - even when you are link building at a very high scale (however jumping from - say - page eleven to page eight is considerably easier).

Link building and Relationship management (sometimes public relations is a part of it) software is supposed to help you keep track of these relationships. With it, you are able to build a humungous database of contacts, and you are able to keep track of where all your links are coming from.

In an article I have previously written on this website, I describe the benefits of using a system like this. The particular software I was talking about in this case was called Buzzstream, and you can find that article here.

Beginning a Successful Link Building Campaign

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When looking to increase the number of visitors your website receives, constructing an effective link building strategy can be the first successful step towards an overall improvement in inbound traffic. A well planned link building campaign can also be a fantastic contribution when looking to increase your website’s ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo! As search engines are our first port of call when navigating towards new content, it’s critical that search engines recognize your website above others when users enter search queries that relate directly to your niche.

When search engine users are presented with pages of results, the likelihood of them scouring through pages to find your website listed on page 7 is very unlikely. This is why gaining as many links from popular websites within the same of a closely related niche gives your websites a lot of credibility when search engines value it.

Outsourcing your Link-Building Efforts


Link building is perhaps the most important element when it comes to successfully marketing an online venture.  One can have the nicest website, the coolest domain name, an offline marketing campaign and a killer product, but without off-site links, your website is next to invisible.  Although there are a significant number of factors involved in how search engine rankings are decided, the basic idea is that the more links a website has to it (also known as backlinks), the higher up the rankings the site will appear for a phrase.  This is a gross simplification, but having more inbound links is always beneficial.

Using Buzzstream: Link Management Software


The online world of link building can be more than work - it can be fun too. Unfortunately not all web masters are brilliant programmers otherwise every time they ran into a problem they would be able to "program their-selves out of it." There are a lot of great programs out there however for a lot of different Internet marketing methods. Buzzstream is one of them. I usually won't write an article talking too much about one specific program, but this is different. Buzzstream is... SWEET.

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