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Learn Programming With A Free Code Camp

Learn Programming With A Free Code Camp

Aug 16 2020


The great thing about coding is that it is done entirely on a computer or even in a web browser app. That means it is possible to learn an entire profession like programming entirely online. Going to a coding camp is cheaper to a university, and some employers prefer graduates of specific camps. To make the deal even sweeter, you can access an entirely free code camp. You will learn the basics, and some employers might take an interest.

Code Camp Advantages

In order to become a programmer, a potentially great-paying position, you first have to prove that you can code. You can build a portfolio yourself, which is the old fashioned route, or you can let a code camp build it for you with projects that facsimile real world work. All you have to do is prove you can do some programming work, and that is enough to open the door to freelance projects.

Another advantage is that it is much quicker than going to college. A university has a vested interest in keeping you there for for or more likely five years. A coding camp sticks to the subject and gives you a certificate that is perfectly acceptable to employers who just want work done. A university is more like a general prep school. A coding camp is for people who want to program.

An intensive program is for people who want to get the most out of their time. If you devote yourself to a subject and learn it intensively, then you might actually learn more than dragging out through multiple classes that do not offer direct continuity between subject matter. Why learn the basics of different programming languages when you can learn one or two that are in high demand and kick redundant lessons out the door.

There is no reason to have to do pointless work. A camp director has identified the most pertinent skills and information and has condensed it down into one program. You learn the skills that let you work in a particular field rather than trying to be a generalist and learn something specialized as an intern.

Code Camps

You are an intern the instant that you sign up for coding camp. Learn real world programming real fast. All you have to do is prove that you know basic syntax of a high demand programming language. Programming is always changing. Sure it pays to know C++ for its efficiency, but you can write entire programs with high level languages and get paid now. Unlock you coding power now, real fast.


Sign up for a free code camp. It takes you to the next level and gives you a credential right off the bat. If you don't get a job immediately or want more, then you can explore more advanced options.

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