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Free WhoisPrivacy Protection For Life Now At Namecheap

Jul 24 2018


The domain registrar, Namecheap, has expertly provided its customers with more than two decades of excellent service as a leading domain registration, technology and web hosting company. Beginning today, almost all new domain purchases or renewals will now include a Whois Privacy subscription free of charge. This will allow customers to hide any of their personal information from public view in the Whois database.

The free Whois Privacy protection can be accessed and activated immediately after a domain name has been purchased.

The exclusion to this protection is domain names that do not currently support privacy. Whois Privacy protects personal data from being displayed or accessed worldwide in public databases by concealing data and replacing it with generic information.

"The rights of every customer are always protected here at Namecheap. Every customer has the right to have their privacy protected at all times; therefore, we believe that privacy protection should be available to all users of the Internet," Richard Kirkendall, Namecheap CEO said. "We made the right decision to offer a free forever Whois Privacy guard for customers."

Namecheap is known globally for its superior customer service and outstanding reputation. Namecheap puts the happiness and security of every customer first. Anyone with a standard Internet connection or a mobile device can visit to purchase a TLD (top-level domain) starting at only $.48. Web hosting packages begin at $2.88 each month, and SSL (secure sockets layer) certificates begin at $8.88 per year.

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