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GoDaddy Is Full Functional With Afternic

Sep 15 2014

Did you hear that GoDaddy is now full functional with Afternic? This comes after almost a year since GoDaddy has acquired them, and this means people who sell domains with fixed prices will enjoy fast transfer, as GoDaddy will be integrated with Afternic as a Fast Transfer partner.


This means that investors who invest in domain names will get more exposure, if the name/names were listed with Afternic at the premium level. When someone searches for the domain name, then they will see your name and they will be able to purchase it. The domain will then be transferred to their account.

If your domains were registered with GoDaddy hosting, then you can choose to sell them via Afternic's premium network. If someone buys your domain via their network, then you will not have to worry about manually transferring it to them.

The fast transfer integration is great news for anyone who has bought a domain and uses Afternic, and this is regardless of if they chose to register their domain name with GoDaddy or somewhere else. You will be impressed with how much more exposure your domain name will receive.

Those who have used the premium listings at GoDaddy hosting will also benefit from this because they too will receive a lot of exposure. They will also pay a lower commission when they move their listings to Afternic. They can expect to pay 20% instead of a commission of around 30%.

However, it is worth pointing out that GoDaddy's Premium Listings will still remain a service, at least for the time being.Some suspect that the service will eventually go away, but for now nothing has been made official. Many people do very well with both Afternic and GoDaddy, and this integration could increase their sales due to more exposure.

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