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Fiverr & And Co Make The Perfect Business Partnership

Jan 25 2018


Fiverr obtains And Co as a working partner

Fiverr is an online marketplace that allows the hiring of freelancers. To enhance its effectiveness, Fiverr acquired And Co. And Co allows the acquired freelancers to effectively learn and apply proper client relationships management.

However, the most surprising aspect of the partnership is the cost. The Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman intends to offer And Co's software free of charge.

Kaufman elaborated that most of And Co's services are essential in the Fiverr marketplace. In addition, most of the freelancing is not done online but it's majorly offline. Kaufman intends to serve this need by enabling the offline relationships even to freelancers who do not use Fiverr.

Although the move may seem too altruistic, it may be the right move to acquire more freelancing clients and reinforce loyalty with the ones on the platform.

Kaufman said his aim was to see the freelancer community in a holistic view. He insists that their investment in the community will serve every party involved. Kaufman also noted that And Co is a relatively new company as it was founded in 2015. The fact that it is a new company as compared to Fiverr which is making a lot of money, makes it possible for Fiverr to take And Co's tools and provide them freely.

Kaufman also added that although the software will be available for free, he still has other future plans for Fiverr and is fully committed to investing in it continually.

The Prehype incubator was the starting point for And Co, under the leadership of Thrive Capital in 2016 when the company made $2 million from the seed round. Although Kaufman did not elaborate on the details of the acquisition, he stated that And Co will continue operating as a separate brand for the time being as the team joins Fiverr.

And Co's CEO and Co-founder Leif Abraham terms the merger as an opportunity for their company to extend their original mission of offering people the ability to focus most on what they love most.

Introducing AND CO From Fiverr | Fiverr

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