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The Many Benefits of Using Fiverr

Jan 13 2017


Fiverr Review

Fiverr is essentially a marketplace where mostly home-based freelancers provide their adept services while owners get skilled professionals to handle their business tasks. It is, therefore, a market for innovative and expert services, implying that regardless of the work you want to be completed by experts, be sure you’ll find an expert who can handle it. Small businesses using the site are referred to as buyers since they buy services from freelancers. Freelancers, on the other hand, are called sellers, because they sell their expertise and services. Both sellers and buyers benefits immensely from Fiverr online platform as follows.

1. High-quality services

Fever sellers are highly trained and talented in what they do. The buyers, thus, stand to benefit immensely from their expert services. Many of them even have several years of expert experience and have only chosen to provide their services on the online platform because they prefer to relate directly with buyers of their services as opposed to working on a fixed schedule of 9, in the morning, to 5, in the evening. Consequently, Fiverr empowers you to move your business to the next level without hiring extra employees, instead only relying on a remote team of qualified, skilled and seasoned personnel.

2. Rating system

Take advantage of an online rating system whereby, at the completion of your task the buyer rates the seller on their performance. The ratings give you an idea of how your potential service provider performs assignments, how fast they complete tasks, and any other relevant information on their professionalism. Such information allows you to create a long-term relationship with freelancers who deliver high-quality work; in Fiverr, you always have a reliable service provider you can trust anytime a new task comes up.

3. Great value

You stand to get high value by using Fiverr because besides making it easy for freelancers to find the best sellers, it handles all the financial transactions and advertising. As such, most sellers do not spend any money marketing, meeting transaction fees and any other charges. The sellers can, therefore, offer their services at reduced prices, in turn giving you value for your money. Besides, since the platform has an excellent online reputation, it attracts professionals from a wide range of fields; it is, therefore, no surprise that it has a wide variety of categories. Once you identify a potential candidate, all you have to do explore the profile and establish their suitability before hiring them.

4. Low cost

Virtually all the tasks on Fiverr cost a mere five dollars. There are a substantial number of jobs expert sellers are willing to do for a small feel. The provision of internet related tasks, marketing, and branding services, singing and any other job you can think of, is available at an affordable price on the platform. So, if you need certain services urgently, such as a video or article creation, back-linking or logo design and creation just create an account, identify the sellers who can provide the services, at your price range, and request them to perform the task.

5. Fast

Fiverr sellers have a passion for what they do and always strive to satisfy their buyers. Besides providing high-quality services, service providers deliver a quick turnaround so as to build a lasting relationship with you. Indicate how fast you want your tasks completed, and the seller will work round the clock to meet your deadline. Additionally, since the service providers mostly work from home, unforeseen factors such as poor weather and traffic jams do not affect how fast service providers complete your tasks.

Other advantages of using Fiverr in your small business include;

• Avoid office overhead costs and purchase of infrastructure

• Ability to get specialized skills you would otherwise have a difficult time finding in your local area

• Use a broad range of safe payment options including credit cards, PayPal, bitcoins, and Fiverr to transact and pay employees.


Fiverr allows you to access skilled workers from all over the world with the necessary expertise at affordable rates. The online platform makes it fast, convenient and affordable to buy high-quality, reliable business services. Additionally, using the platform enables a small business to cut down on operating costs by not providing certain benefits for instance health insurance, worker compensation, and overtime allowances leading to higher profit margins.

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