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Tips For Writing A Great Blog Post

Jun 12 2017


It can be a challenge to write a great blog post, even if you enjoy writing, what with all the other demands on your time. Ideally, you should not spend more than 15 minutes on writing your blog post, and if that sounds unrealistic, the following tips can help.

Write down ideas as they come to you. Most people have up to 80 ideas each day, and you should keep a notebook handy, or make notes on your phone's notepad and put ideas down as they occur to you. It means you aren't scrambling at the last minute trying to think of something.

Let your ideas develop and come to you naturally, rather than trying to force them. It can be a lot more effective than trying to force those ideas out, and with most blogs you have at least a few days before you have to post something. Take a break and return to your work if you find you are just stuck for inspiration.

Eliminate any supporting ideas; this can help you to come up with an interesting blog post in less than 15 minutes. Remember, it's a blog post and not a book!

Numbered articles or bullet points are much easier to read for most people, and they eliminate having to figure out how to transition between subjects or paragraphs.

You don't want to compromise on quality, but try to keep your post to a maximum of 500 words and make sure each word really counts.

Use your best ideas at once, rather than put them aside to be used in the future. It will help to motivate you, and the better ideas make more money.

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post – SPI TV Ep. 56

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