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Are You Using Your Voice to Sell Your Business Effectively Enough?

The Human Voice of Freedom: The Internet and H...

The Human Voice of Freedom: The Internet and Human Rights Panel (Photo credit: US Mission Geneva)

Although most people who come across your blog have no idea what you actually sound like it is important to make sure they are able to understand your writing voice.  The voice of your blog comes through in various ways and here are a few tips on how to make sure that yours is being heard and more importantly that the voice you are using will help you to increase sales and help with the branding of your online presence.

Practice and repetition

When we are young we are all taught in schools through practicing and repetition. This can also be transferred into writing skills. Freeing up your writing style is a great way of learning your own voice and feeling a lot more confident when it comes time to writing something which is going to be read by others.

A great way of gaining confidence in your own writing style is to allow your mind to write about anything it wants without editing or worrying about what you are saying.  Grab a piece of paper or open a word document and write about anything for the next five minutes. No one need ever see what you write so it could be about anything you want. It doesn’t matter about spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or whether the content actually makes sense or not.

This is a good way of coming up with new ideas too. Who knows what is hiding behind your thoughts? Try free flowing writing once a week and see what you come out with. Not only will this strengthen your writing voice it is also a great way of coming up with brand new ideas to use in later blog posts.

Think about how you talk to others

If you are running your own business it can be useful to write from your point of view. If you are not sure if you write how you would normally speak why not record yourself talking about your next blog post. Use a Dictaphone or use your mobile and simple talk about the ideas you have for the post and what you want your readers to gain from it. Once you have finished listen to the recording and write up your blog.

Stick to writing about topics that you are confident about

When you are writing about topics you know about you will probably find it a lot easier to produce content in your own style. This is because you are confident in your knowledge, and this shines through the piece you are creating. If you are unsure of the topic it can be a lot harder to explain things with a flowing voice. The piece can become awkward and jarring to read. Avoid this by hiring a SEO copywriting team for any content which is outside your comfort zone.

Make yourself comfortable

Writing can be very difficult to get into, especially if you are not relaxed and in a position which allows you to feel creative. The ideal environment you are writing in comes down to your personal preferences. If you are able to write with music playing in the background put on some of your favorite tunes, or perhaps you like the comforting drone of the television on in the background. Make sure you have eaten and that you have a drink to hand so that once you start to write you are not distracted by a dry throat or a rumbling tummy.

Writing is a difficult skill to master. SEO Copywriting teams can help to translate your voice into written content as and when you need it.

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