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Quora To Introduce Video Answers

May 31 2017


Pointing out that it is more effective to show someone how something works or how to carry out a task, Quora video answers were introduced earlier this month.

Until the move, Quora users were only able to respond with embedded videos, natively hosted photographs or text. Now the new system allows the beta group users to record a video on Android or IOS for all other users to see.

Tommy MacWilliam, head of noble at Quora explained that the Quora video answers feature will allow users to vote favorably or negatively for a video answer, and the feature will help to share useful knowledge with the world.

Quora is already known for quality, and along with its $226 million funding and 190 million users, it may see more recent similar programs such as Ask Me Anything and Whale forced out of the running.

It is also anticipated that Quora could really start making some money with its video answers feature. Advertisers could potentially reach their audience much more effectively by the use of video ads tagged on to the end of video answers, a move that wouldn't negate the learning experience.

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