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GoDaddy Purchases WP Curve

Dec 08 2016


GoDaddy, the web-hosting service provider, is looking to broaden its service offerings. It took a huge step towards that goal recently by acquiring WP Curve, a service designed for startups and websites using WordPress. The financial details of the deal are now known publicly. GoDaddy will be picking up WP Curve's customer list and their assets. Some of the employees will transition over to GoDaddy as well.

Dan Norris and Alex McClafferty created WP Curve three years ago. The Australian software designers one place to access many different startup services. Some of the most popular services offered by WP Curve are SEO, conversion, and even website design. Pretty much ever online service a new company would want to use is offered through WP Curve.

GoDaddy hasn't revealed their long-term plans when it comes to how they are going to use WP Curve. The only thing that they have said is that they will integrate the software into their current offerings.

GoDaddy will certainly be using all the of the plugins  and security features that come with WP Curve. The software seems to be a perfect fit for their software structure. This is probably the reason that they chose to pursue the deal in the first place.

A representative from WordPress said that the deal came to fruition over the summer of 2016. Current WP Curve customers will be smoothly transitioned over to GoDaddy.

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