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The Plugin Solution To Make WordPress Run Faster

Jan 03 2013

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Make WordPress Run Faster

Many Internet users rely on WordPress as the platform for getting their written work on the Internet. One concern that all users face is how to make wordpress run faster to enhance the user's experience. Improving your websites performance does not have to cost a lot of time and money when you use jsdelivr.

What is jsdelivr?

MaxCDN sponsors jsdelivr and is a free CDN service for webmasters and developers to link their plugin files to save bandwidth and improve website performance. It also gives users the ability to route the programs that use the plugins to the links destination, making the websites load faster. Increasing your websites loading time will help to make it user friendly, and in turn will be search engine friendly too.

Installing jsdelvr

On your quest to make wordpress run faster, you do not need to be tech savvy.  Installing and activating jsdelivr CDN only requires you to be familiar with WordPress. Follow these steps to get started:
• Install and activate the plugin from WordPress backend.
• Allow adequate time to run the update CDN data.
• Now click "scan your website". It is looking through your scripts to find a match in their own library.
• Use the refresh button at any time throughout the installation process.
• A list of matching scripts will display that need to be enabled. The yellows should be done one at a time to ensure it doesn't break.
• Scan your websites after any changes.

The success of jsdelivr depends on the amount of matching scripts. If your scripts are not in their library you will not see the benefits that make wordpress run faster. This service is new though, and with time and popularity more scripts will be added that will make it more functional for everyone needing to improve their website performance.

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