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Web Developers Will Like Godaddy’s New Pro Hosting

Nov 04 2014

In the past GoDaddy focused on small businesses that did not want technically advanced websites, but now is introducing Pro Hosting for companies with technical staff that want an advanced custom web programming platform. The company sees 6 million developers and designers that maintain websites for a majority of the small business today. Extra support options are a part of the Godaddy Pro hosting program. These developers support sites for multiple companies, making them a prime target.

Some of the new features include web hosting with CPanel, managed Wordpress, and VPS (virtual private servers). Administrators will be able to patch the operating, stage website changes, clone current installations, control backups, have direct access to the server, and plan for disasters. The Pro plans come fully managed to self-managed.

Other companies have been active in the space for some time and will provide plenty competition for the new programs. Godaddy hopes its wider range of services will be embraced over HostGator, Rackspace, and BlueHost. Godaddy acquired Media Temple last year and has used support tools from the acquisition to provide better support.

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