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Grow Your Online Business With Automation and Outsourcing

Apr 27 2016


Doing the urgent things instead of working on the important things.

Your blog dies if you do not do the important things.


Automation is one solution. Any routine boring tasks, automate them. The work required is quickly paid off.

For example, posting items to social media. Pick one of two times a day to post your new content to social networks.

Posting content can also be scheduled to happen and certain times.

IFTTT is a great tool to publish your content to various networks and it is totally free. You can reuse someone else’s recipe to automate things you do daily.

Macro Scripts are great things to use to automate tasks. iMacros web browser plugin is a big time saver.

Linking tools are a great way to monetize your website without going through all the work in joining networks and placing links on your site. Infolinks for example, has a plugin that will take words within your post and make them into links that you then get paid for when certain actions occur.


Curation of content to share with your audience. For a small amount of money, someone can locate items which you can share.

Content creation is also an option but you need to make sure the writing is well done and matches your style.

Content editors are also available online.

Hire someone to do a recap post once a week on your site.

Programming and technical work can easily be done too. Its possible to build a business on outsource software development. ODesk, Rent a Coder and Elance are places to look for a lot of the out sourcing services we are talk about here.

If you know how to perform a task already then hiring someone at a lower rate and checking the work is the way to go.

If you are unfamiliar with the way to complete a task, you will want to hire a more experienced assistant.

Test different workers from different countries until you find someone that you trust to do your work.

And finally, outsource the management of your outsourced workers.

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