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What Your SEO Campaign Needs

Nov 12 2015


Only advanced SEO methods produce the results that you really want. There uncommon tactics will help your site get better positioning in Google.

Use a service like Ahrefs to find sites that are linking to your competitors. You might have trouble getting page 1 competitor links but as you move further down in the results, you will find that older sites linking out to page 5+ will be willing to add your site to their set of relevant links. Send their webmaster a request to link to your new more robust content.

Info graphics still work but are getting a little overplayed. Make sure your info graphic has great data and looks incredible. Add some motion to your info graphic to get a lot more social shares and traffic back to your site.

Increase your click through rate from Google by using titles and tags similar to those present in the most popular ads running for your keywords.

Get featured in the in-depth article area of Google. Write really long (2000 words) and focused articles on a wide range of topics in your field. Also install the In Depth Articles Generator plugin for your Wordpress site. You should see a boost from Google after a short period of time.

Make sure your backlinks are from relevant sites. If your site is on Ohio State football, try to get links from other sites dedicated to Ohio State football.

Finally, get links from Wikipedia and then those sites that also linked to the dead link your are replacing. Search for dead links on your topic and then find pages that were linked that have a history in and also had backlinks. Create a similar page on your site. Update the link in Wikipedia. Now email the sites that linked to the dead page, and ask them to now link to your page.

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