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Google Keep: What It Brings To The Table

Mar 22 2013

English: Wikipedia Android app

English: Wikipedia Android app (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Google Keep: What It Brings To The Table

Google Keep is a very simple app used for recording notes, checklists, images and audio, but many people are curious as to what makes this app different than others, what it has to offer that others don't. There are a few key things in particular to realize about this app. Many people think the app will be dead and gone in just a few years, while others think it could be around for a long time, depending on how Google chooses to play it out and what consumers think in return.

Compared to Pinterest and other apps, it does bring a lot to the table. Most people find the simplicity of the app to be very appealing. It is not filled with stress and complexity unnecessarily, like many other apps. One of the best features of the Google Keep app? It automatically transcribes audio, which means you don't have to worry about adding in text yourself. This seemingly simple feature alone makes it stand out from the competition and shows why it is at least worth a try, even if you're one of the many who don't otherwise see potential in the app itself.

The big issue with the app is that due to its simplicity, it seems to be missing a lot of features. With it, you can't create audio notes on the desktop, and you can't save Web pages.

In the end, Google Keep seems like an Android app that is definitely worth trying, with caution. If you're at least a bit more familiar with it before starting, you can see how useful it is and how to use it most to your advantage. The app has a lot of potential and a lot to offer, and can mean bad news for its competitors, if it becomes as successful as it could.

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