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LinkMarket - The Link Exchnage Network

Feb 23 2010

LinkMarket – The Link Exchnage Network

I was receiving many varied request to exchange links with webmasters on a number of different sites. I began to search for a network where I could do all my link exchanges without having to email individual site owners. came up in the search results from Google and I have been working with them since that time.

The exchange has a great set of websites with many higher page ranked sites available. And it is possible to have exchanges approved with higher ranking sites even when your site is not ranked or on the lower end of the page rank scale. Setup a page like other sites have on your site and began exchanging links right away. There is a limit of 5 requests a day for non-premium members, but this is desirable to grow your links slowly over time.

The exchange monitors the status of your links on other sites and will notify you to remove your link when the other party is not linking back to you. The minor issues with the service is the limit of one site per login which causes you to create multiple logins for multiple sites. And approving link exchanges could be easier with some batch selection options. Overall it is a nice link exchange network that you should take a look at.

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