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Elite Retreat Registration Opens

Sep 29 2010

Elite Retreat Registration Opens

The founder of ShoeMoney Media, Jeremy Shoemaker is beginning to take new registrations for the next edition of Elite Retreat. The Elite Retreat is drastically different from usual conferences. Here the registered attendees can interact conveniently with several industry experts for 48 hours and discusses strategic plans about the ways to fulfill specific goals.

The webmaster of make money online has drafted an interesting list of industry experts available at the December (2-3) 48 hour’s gala. Here is the list:

  1. John Carlton – one of the authority figures on expert copywriting ways.
  2. Stephan Spencer – a SEO entrepreneur wizard and the author of the best selling book – The Art of SEO. His company works with some of the biggest companies in the world. He has been a speaker at the Elite Retreat previously.
  3. Matt Mickiewicz – an entrepreneur and business growth expert, Matt is the publisher of more than 100 books (translated in over 20 languages) about having one’s own website and what does it mean.
  4. Allen Baler – a super affiliate and product fulfillment business advisor, Allen is on the top of ClickBank product affiliate.
  5. Andy Liu - a startup business expert, merger and acquisition specialist and investor expert, Andy Liu, once an attendee of the conference of Jeremy Shoemaker, he is the CEO of the largest TV related website on the internet – Buddy TV.
  6. Troy Meyerson – a legal and general council advocate, Troy is Shoemaker’s personal attorney and specialized in patent and copyrights. Troy deals with issues and problems of the attendees.
  7. Pat Cooper – a chief litigator of the Shoemaker’s empire. Both Troy and Pat will explain the legalities of the make money online business.
  8. Michael Sprouse – the marketing mastermind, Michael will be the keynote speaker.

Finally! Jeremy Shoemaker will solve almost any of the virtual problems and also deal with online monetization and growth prospects with the attendees.

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