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The Value of Company Newsletters for Business Marketing

Mar 14 2012

With the widespread adoption of social media platforms, businesses are slowly forgetting the importance of company newsletters and the marketing potential they offer. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great social networking platforms that help businesses connect and communicate with potential and existing clients. However, company newsletters should be incorporated into the overall social media marketing strategy, as opposed to being nudged to the side, and can assist in the broadcasting of company and industry news. This article highlights the importance of newsletters and how they can be utilized to drive traffic to business websites, increase sale conversions and build great business to customer relationships.

Company Newsletters Must Have Valuable Content

The primary function of the company newsletter is to offer great and interesting content to the reader. Unlike other forms of marketing, the company newsletter content should not be directly sales related. Rather, the newsletter should include informative articles about new products and services that the company is offering, industry news and trends, profiles on staff members, fundraising activities, sponsorships or shifts in company operations. In short, a company newsletter articles need to be newsworthy and appeal to potential customers in an informative, interesting and engaging way. It’s great for harnessing relationships with customers, giving them a more personal idea of company values and goals. Just ensure that the client has agreed to receive the newsletter.

Company Newsletter In HTML Format

The most effective company newsletter is not a simple email. Rather, it should be written in HTML format so that content rich company newsletters can be sent electronically. In essence, it is possible to send a mini company website via email. Creating a company newsletter in HTML format supports a range of benefits. First of all, businesses can create extensions of their website by using the same company style and appearance in the newsletter. This will serve to further entrench brand identity. In order to keep format consistent, it is advisable to use a company newsletter template.

An HTML format will also give readers the ability to navigate the company newsletter easily. As opposed to skimming through all the content, readers can click on a table of contents and skip to that particular section. In the fast past environment of the modern world, customers want information immediately. It also makes the company newsletter more interactive and engaging. Furthermore, this type of company newsletter can include links to the main business website (for example to offer more information), driving traffic.

These features will be underutilized unless the company newsletter articles offer valuable content that includes videos and images. A business could even add a short poll at the end of the newsletter to encourage interaction; readers love to have their opinions heard. If a business continues to share useful information, company newsletters will be welcomed and shared on online social media platforms, which can potentially attract new customers and business.


Penny Munroe is an avid writer in business related news topics ranging from furnishing executive suites to sourcing an office for rent Canada has on offer.

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