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Getting The Most From SEO

Oct 29 2012

What really is Search Engine Optimization?

What really is Search Engine Optimization? (Photo credit: Go Local Search)

Getting The Most From SEO

For successful results with SEO, you need to be constantly one step ahead of your competitors. The following five tips can help you to achieve the search engine ranking that you are looking for:

1.) Creating Content

Having easy to read, relevant and interesting content on your site is important, and fresh content is a great way to attract and keep visitors. Good content not only appeals to readers of your site, but to the indexing programs of the search engines too.

Good content can include articles and blogs, and it can also help to increase your number of external backlinks, helping your SEO even further.

2.) Carefully Plan Keyword Targeting Strategies

Pay close attention to your keywords; it may not necessarily pay you to maintain the same keywords simply because you are at the top of Google rankings.

Use Google's Webmaster tools or Google Analytics programs to help determine which keywords are effective. You can also discover which keywords are leading to conversions, by using Raven Tools or a similar program.

3.) Keep Up With SEO News

Taking advantage of a new trend or technique can give you an edge over your competitors.

Monitor Search Engine Watch or one of the other SEO news sites for news or innovations, and be prepared to act accordingly.

4.) Monitor Backlink Profiles Of Your Competitors

Closely monitor any changes in the links that your competition is constructing.

Various tools, including Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO can help you to monitor the backlink profiles of your competition. These programs allow you  to discover any new linking strategies and use them to your advantage.

5.) Monitor The SEO Activities Of Your Competitors

A change in the SEO strategy of a competitor could mean that they have discovered a new method or technique, or that they have received a penalty from the search engines and are updating their pages in response. Regardless, it pays you to keep an eye on the SEO efforts of any competition.

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