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Tips from a Lead Software Engineer

Analytické CRM

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Question: What do you do at Ungerboeck?

Joe: I manage the CRM team which handles a lot of the account contact, opportunity area of the software. We work on customer relationship management and keep track of what salespeople would use. For example, if the salesperson has a new account, they’d enter the phone number, address, notes, etc. into our system. They’d do the same with individual contacts for each account. They may also enter a prospective account and information about the potential revenue, source of the lead, and such.

Online Marketing

Please Your Customers, EZINE And Google With These Article Writing Tips!

article marketing

If you write and submit articles to Ezine, you must know by now how hard it is to have your article approved if you are promoting a product or a service. As you might know, your article goes through a series of checks and reviews before it gets published. If you want to know how to get your article published, then read on.

Creating great articles is one of the keys to a successful online business. If the readers like your article, they will go to the resource box, then to your landing page, and eventually buy your goods or services.  But wait! Let’s back up a bit. How can you funnel a sale if you can’t even publish your article? You should do the following:

7 Tips for Better Time Management

Better Time Management

If you feel like you can’t breathe some days because of all the demands placed on your time, you are not alone. Time is the one thing none of us can make more of, yet it seems like every day the world finds a new way to lay claim on our already limited, precious supply of time.

Have you ever noticed though that some people seem unbound by the limits of time? They manage to accomplish everything they need to do and more each day and what’s more they hardly seem to break a sweat or stress out about it in the least. It’s not that they have any less to do that the rest of us, instead by nature or training they are excellent time managers.

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